Griffith Park Wildlife Management Plan

Until 2007, few formal wildlife surveys had ever been conducted in Griffith Park, and virtually no trained naturalists had ever published or even taken notes on its species. After a devastating fire destroyed 800 acres of the park in May 2007, the City retained a biological consulting firm to initiate an effort to document the park's biodiversity, and to provide recommendations for future management of the Park's natural resources.

The Griffith Park Wildlife Management Plan represents the first step toward that goal, and establishes a baseline in terms of known threats to wildlife. Its recommendations will help ensure future co-existence between the rich diversity of wildlife species supported by Griffith Park and the thousands of human visitors to the park each year. An anticipated use for this plan is to facilitate effective collaboration between park staff, scientific experts, and interested citizens to protect and enhance the well-being of Griffith Park's biodiversity. Along with an accompanying website, this plan may serve as a dynamic, up-to-date source of environmental information readily available to staff and the general public. The goal of this access is to increase environmental education among park users and help strengthen a sense of community stewardship for Griffith Park.

Click here to view maps relating to the Griffith Park Wildlife Plan and download a pdf of the Plan itself.