Our Focus

The impact of reductions in funding, maintenance and staffing is evident in the Park's deteriorating landscapes and historic features. Rising pressures to reposition the Park as a revenue source – thereby opening the door to commercial developments that encroach on its free and open character – pose a parallel threat. Unless we act now, Griffith Park will cease to be the natural escape from urban pressures that Colonel Griffith envisioned when he donated the Park to the people 115 years ago.

Through advocacy, support, education and service, Friends of Griffith Park works to preserve Griffith Park as L.A.'s signature green and open space, place of free recreation, and linchpin in the survival of Southern California's native ecosystems. Recognizing the challenges facing the Park, we work to ensure:

That Griffith Park's long-standing role and function as a place of free enjoyment be continued in the 21st Century placing emphasis on non-fee activities, with fee-based activities kept to the status quo and such charges held to the minimum.

That Griffith Park's established recreational uses and users be recognized and that the City avoid their displacement.

That Griffith Park's long-standing role and function as the City's greatest natural, open space be recognized and that the Park be designated, managed and maintained as an Urban Wilderness, with the ultimate goal to preserve, enhance, and sustain the rich biodiversity that exists in the park today.

That Griffith Park's Los Angeles River frontage and lands be restored as a riparian habitat for nature viewing, education and recreational enjoyment.

That in keeping with Griffith Park's wilderness interior and the closure plan in place, Toyon Canyon Landfill be restored as a natural, passive use meadow.

That Griffith Park's natural areas be expanded by acquiring remaining open spaces within and around its borders.

Your support of and participation in Friends of Griffith Park helps preserve and protect this precious living resource for future generations to enjoy.