The Board of Friends of Griffith Park

The Board of Friends of Griffith Park is composed of park, recreation and environmental activists and historic preservationists who have compiled a collective record of successful advocacy for Griffith Park and other open spaces in the City of Los Angeles. They have served as leaders and board members of major non-profit public advocacy groups, represented the community on park oversight committees and panels, supported and participated in park service projects, and educated the public about Griffith Park and its issues. Deeply knowledgeable about Griffith Park's human and natural history, in the last five years, they have:

Marshalled the citywide public support that was necessary to ensure the City Council's to approval of the Griffith Family Charitable Trust's initiative to have Griffith Park designated as City of Los Angeles Historical Cultural Monument No. 942 in 2008, an important step in preserving Griffith Park.

Raised public consciousness and concern about the 2005 GP MP Draft that proposed identity-changing development and commercialization of Griffith Park. As a result, the 2005 Draft was rejected and a citizens panel seated to rewrite the document - the outcome of which is still being closely monitored.

Originated and circulated the Griffith Park Urban Wilderness Petition campaign asking the City of Los Angeles to designate and manage Griffith Park as the great Urban Wilderness it is. To date, 12,000 individuals have signed the petition.

Promoted the preservation and enlightened stewardship of Griffith Park and opposed its development and commercialization at City Hall in numerous hearings before its Council, Commissions, Departments and Agencies, as well as community-based meetings of all kinds.

Donated time to and raised funds for and contributed to Griffith Park fire recovery, environmental surveys, and other needs.

Built mutually supportive relationships with park and environmental advocacy organizations and grass roots advocates for other city parks.

Friends of Griffith Park is steered by seasoned grass roots advocates who have and will continue to work to protect and preserve this precious public resource.

Officers of the Board:
Gerry Hans, President
Bernadette Soter, Vice President, Outreach & Communications
Carol Henning, Secretary
Mary Button, Treasurer
Board Members:
Carol Brusha
Marian Dodge
Dora Herrera
Laura Howe
Rex Link
Kathryn Louyse
Felix Martinez
Al Moggia
Sarah Napier
Lucinda Phillips
Chuck Soter